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File permissions questions


I am running the latest Cygwin on Windows 2000
and have the following problems.

I start windows program from Bash shell script and
the windows program creates a file.
The permissions of the created file become "d---------"
after which I cannot access it from Bash script itself.
I have not managed to find out what happens here (I have 'ntsec' set)
but is there a way to make Cygwin to use only W2K's
file permissions and ignore the unix type of
access rights drwxrwxrwx?

Another problem: if I use explorer to create file to directory
it shows in Bash as:

-rwxrwxrwx 1 Administrators None 0 Apr 19 22:33 New Text Document.txt*

However, I am logged locally in as "pekka" into windows and command "id"
at Bash shows

uid=1000(pekka) gid=544(Administrators)\ groups=0(root),513(None),544(Administrators),545(Users)

These 2 lines are from /etc/passwd:


Why is the new file not created as owner 'pekka' and
group 'Administrators'?


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