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Re: Mirror, Mirroring, Download, Downloading Cygwin Release Using rsync

L Anderson wrote:

> I use rsync to maintain a local Cygwin release mirror so I can use Setup
> to locally install anything from Cygwin release on a number of PCs on my
> network.

I do too but without the script part.  I just have a line in my crontab:

00 10,22 * * * rsync -rlt --exclude=mail-archives
rsync:// /d/cygwin-mirror/

I don't really see why you need to do it in two steps, just use
--exclude to get rid of stuff you don't want and mirror the base

BTW, you could get rid of that .wri extension ugliness by mounting the
logfile directory textmode, and then name the output .txt.  Or get a
better text editor - I recommend Metapad for free, UltraEdit for $. 
(But I realize you're probably happy with what you have and don't need
someone telling you to change.)

> The nice thing about rsync is that it downloads only what has changed
> since the last rsync and with the "--delete" option, it deletes
> everything on the local mirror that's not on the official Cygwin mirror
> being used.

That's more of a feature to me than a bug, as I like to have older
packages.  Although with Peter's "Cygwin Time Machine" site that becomes
less of an issue.

> 800MB.  Now it takes about 2.4GB--somebody has been busy--thanks!
> However, frequent rsyncs will only need to download a fraction of that.

You can cut that down significantly by using --exclude to ignore the
source packages.  Of course, that means you can't install source

> were more North American mirrors, I'd try my hand at selecting the one
> to use randomly, rather than by menu--share the load.

Heh.  Well, that's a good sentiment.  I use the mirror, and
given the amount of traffic they serve I have good faith that several MB
of cygwin packages every week or two is not even a drop in their
bucket.  It looks like they've taken away their neat little BW meter
from the home page but I seem to recall it was normally pushing out a
constant 100 to 200 MBit/s, and a whole lot more in times following
kernel releases.  They've got big pipes. :)


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