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Re: Problem getting started, Windows 98

Evan Tuer wrote:

> Following the instructions, I then installed a "binutils" package for
> AVR cross-compiler (this one:
> cd /
> tar xvfpz usr.tar.gz

This list only supports Cygwin packages that you get from the
site and its mirrors.  The above is from a third party, so you need to
take it up with them if you have problems.

> "BASH: make: command not found"
> Looking at the cygcheck results, it also reports that make and other
> essential bits are "not found".  I can't figure out why that should
> be, since (I think) the "devel" stuff seemed to be installed from the
> setup program.

'make' is not installed by default, you have to select it.  From the home page:

"Note also that, by default, setup.exe does not install everything. Only
the base cygwin distribution is installed by default. When running
setup.exe, clicking on categories and packages in the package
installation screen will provide you with the ability to control what is
installed or updated."


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