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Re: Mirror, Mirroring, Download, Downloading Cygwin Release Using rsync

Brian Dessent wrote:
L Anderson wrote:

I use rsync to maintain a local Cygwin release mirror so I can use Setup
to locally install anything from Cygwin release on a number of PCs on my

I do too but without the script part. I just have a line in my crontab:

00 10,22 * * * rsync -rlt --exclude=mail-archives
rsync:// /d/cygwin-mirror/

I don't really see why you need to do it in two steps, just use
--exclude to get rid of stuff you don't want and mirror the base

Initially I used --exclude but decided it was safer to ask for what I want rather than for everything but what I don't want. If a subdirectory that I don't want is added to the mirror, it gets downloaded until I discover it and change the --exclude to exclude it. The mirror's directory structure is more stable now than when I stared so it might not be such a problem, however, .....

You can cut that down significantly by using --exclude to ignore the source packages. Of course, that means you can't install source packages.

I know, but then we wouldn't have all that nifty source code easily at hand to drive us crazy trying to figure out what it does :-) so that someday we might be able to contribute.

You have given me a couple of things to think about, especially using cron, thanks.


Lowell Anderson

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