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RE: Tracking down process/memory leak

----Original Message----
>From: Timothy Wall
>Sent: 19 April 2005 16:05

> I've used msconfig to turn off all services/drivers at startup, and the
> memory leak persists.  Kernel memory goes up slowly, Physical memory
> goes down faster, and Handles/Threads/Processes remain steady.
> I'm not aware of any software installed which might have an effect on
> spawned processes.  Aside from sshd and vncd, the apps installed are
> standalone applications with no associated services or system addons.

  You should try and find out *which* application is leaking this memory.
The fact that kernel memory is involved very much suggests a faulty device

  Anyway, the way to find out is to fire up task manager (I assume that's
what you're using already to determine that kernel memory is increasing),
and go to the "View" menu and click "Select columns".  Tick the boxes next
to "Paged Pool" and "Non-paged Pool", which are the two types of kernel
memory included in that total figure, and then try and figure out which
application is actually consuming it by watching the columns for a while and
seeing which line the figures are going steadily up on.

  At that time it'll probably turn out that this is nothing to do with
cygwin at all and we'll be off-topic, but it's certainly the first next step
to try.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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