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Re: cygrunsrv

Hi Brian...

Installing the service as a specific user works, and I have used it that way for a long time. However, to do that I add rights to the users to log on as a service. Given that there has been questions from time to time about what rights and how to set them, I wondered if giving cygrunsrv the ability to change users would reduce this. I can live with things as they are, I thought it would be a usefull addition.

It would be a significant learning curve for me, so I wanted to see if there was interest and/or someone who was willing to implement it before embarking.



From: Brian Dessent
Subject: Re: cygrunsrv
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 13:17:00 -0700

Karl M wrote:

> In testing out my keychain service on a new XP system, I was thinking about
> all of the questions
> that have shown up on the cygwin@... list in the past about launching a
> service from a user-id other than SYSTEM. And...I was wondering how you(s)
> felt about adding the ability for cygrunsrv to change user-id before running
> the target application.

Why should cygrunsrv switch users?  Why not just install the service to
run as the desired user?  cygrunsrv already supports this with --user.


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