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Re: Any fix to cygheap_fixup_in_child failure after rebaseall?

Bruce Dobrin wrote:

> OK, that seems to have worked.   I've only used it alone or rebase for
> specific files before.  I generated a file from a find of all dll's
> under /usr and /lib ( then removed the cygwin1.dll from the list).  Can
> I assume the redundancy of hitting most of these 2 times will not have
> any adverse effect?  With all the stuff I compile on this machine I'm
> not sure how else to find them otherwise...

That's not how you use it.  rebaseall already knows where to find all
installed DLLs.  The only time you should ever use -T is to supply it
with *extra* DLLs that you have installed outside of setup.exe.

Though it looks like it will work okay your way, since it will just
rebase those DLLs a second time, but it's ugly.  You could avoid the
double rebasing by either a) adding a "sort -u" to rebaseall after it
has merged the two file lists, or b) skip rebaseall and call rebase
directly with your filelist.


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