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RE: G77 160 MB memory allocation limit

----Original Message----
>From: Impagnatiello Fabrizio
>Sent: 27 April 2005 16:20

  Please, Fabrizio, no more offlist mail!  It should be obvious from the
conversation in the web archive that I don't use fortran, so just because I
can speculate about the reasons based on what goes on in equivalent
situations in C, I can't actually investigate myself, because I couldn't
even write "Hello world" in g77 myself.

> Starting from 1.5.13 (14 and 15 subversions are the same) I experienced
> all FOTRAN written programs using large arrays to crash. 
> No error message, just exit.
> After investigation (WEB/mailing list) and testing programs I discovered
> and verified that a new near 160 MByte allocation limit is induced by
> cygwin1.dll  
> Simple programs compiled with -mno-cygwin flag may allocate up to 1920
> MByte. 
> With the old 1.5.12 the usable size (2BG RAM machine) was 1536 MByte.
> Why ???

  Nobody knows.  Something changed.  Perhaps in cygwin.  Then again, have
you also installed XP SP2 in the period since 1.5.12?  That caused massive
disturbances to process memory map space because M$ rebased all the dlls in
the whole world.

  You'll need to before anyone might be
able to tell you what's happening.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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