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Re: G77 160 MB memory allocation limit

At 03:51 PM 4/27/2005, you wrote:
>Dave Korn wrote:
>>>From: Impagnatiello Fabrizio
>>>Sent: 27 April 2005 16:20
>>>Starting from 1.5.13 (14 and 15 subversions are the same) I experienced
>>>all FOTRAN written programs using large arrays to crash. 
>>>No error message, just exit.
>>>After investigation (WEB/mailing list) and testing programs I discovered
>>>and verified that a new near 160 MByte allocation limit is induced by
>>>Simple programs compiled with -mno-cygwin flag may allocate up to 1920
>>>With the old 1.5.12 the usable size (2BG RAM machine) was 1536 MByte.
>>>Why ???
>>  Nobody knows.  Something changed.  Perhaps in cygwin.  Then again, have
>>you also installed XP SP2 in the period since 1.5.12?  That caused massive
>>disturbances to process memory map space because M$ rebased all the dlls in
>>the whole world.
>I don't think XP SP2 is relevant, as I have this problem on Windows 2000.
>It's interesting to have this pinned down to the transition from 1.5.12 to 1.5.13. I have half a mind (but only half) to try and verify this.

Can anybody spare Mark half a mind so he get up to a full one? ;-)

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