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RE: strange problem

----Original Message----
>From: community help
>Sent: 28 April 2005 16:16

> Hi everybody,
> I installed my cygwin in c:\cygwin.
> After i extracted a zip file of a software (ns-2) to
> c:\cygwin.

  You obviously think this might matter, but you haven't told us why.
> Now the problem is that the content of the directory
> c:\cygwin\usr\bin from windows explorer is not the
> same as the result of the ls command in /usr/bin from
> cygwin.
> Is this normal or not?

  Yes, it's normal.  The directory path /usr/bin is actually a cygwin mount
point that just points straight back into /bin, so /usr/bin and /bin are the
> If yes, please tell me how can i access the directory
> "c:\cygwin\usr\bin" from cygwin.

  You don't want to.  It's just a dummy empty dir for the mountpoint.  You
don't want to have any files in there.

  So it sounds like (but I'm guessing here, because you gave so few details)
the unzipping has gone wrong and some of the files have ended up in
c:\cygwin\usr\bin.  And you can't get at them from within cygwin, because
that directory is overridden by the mountpoint.

  Well, if you unzipped it using Winzip or some other windoze program that
doesn't understand cygwin mount points, it will have just put everything
into C:\cygwin\usr\bin, which isn't accessible under cygwin, so it's broken.
If you used a windows unzip utility, please try again using the cygwin unzip
command; that way anything it tries to put into /usr/bin will end up in /bin
and still be accessible, instead of ending up in the dummy /usr/bin
directory and being hidden by the mountpoint.

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