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RE: Re: Basic test

René Berber wrote:
> maggi wrote:
>> I have installed cygwin, and I am able to launch the console with
>> the promt bash2.05b$ But when entering ls or other comands, I get
>> always bash-2.05b$ ls bash: ls: command not found
>> bash-2.05b$ dir
>> bash: dir: command not found
> That's strange,  I think the command ls comes in the
> coreutils package and that is one of the default installed
> packages... so, unless you unselected it it, you should have it.
>> Can you give at hand a bassic comand syntax to test the insatllation?
>> Thanks, Maggy
> Try:
> cygcheck -c coreutils
> the result normally is something like this:
> Cygwin Package Information
> Package              Version        Status
> coreutils            5.3.0-5        OK
> if you don't have this package run setup.exe again, this time
> make sure that the default packages are installed.  The
> default packages are automatically selected to be installed. --
> René Berber

check your PATH

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