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Re: sshd and /usr/bin/zsh

Christopher Faylor wrote:
>On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 02:53:09PM -0400, Brad King wrote:
>>Oops, sorry. My eyes scrolled through the left column of the web page
>>and found "FAQ". When the problem was not in the FAQ I went back and
>>scrolled up and found "Mailing Lists" before noticing the "Reporting
>>Problems" link. I suggest you add a link to
>> from in the
>>description of when posting to the main cygwin list is okay.
>Yeah, we should <> probably >> have <> >known better <> than to think ><> that anyone >> would read ><> the left bar

Heh :)

I agree that there are plenty of places where this link appears. However, just the fact that you replied in this manner tells me that this is a common mistake by users. In my case I made an honest attempt to post properly (I run several mailing lists so I understand the problem). What I described was a reasonable path to get to the mailing list in which I never saw the link. I then suggested a way to plug the hole in this path to save you and others this trouble in the future.

Most projects I've seen have the following desired policy for posting to a list:

1.) Read the FAQ
2.) Read the mailing list policy
3.) Post to the list

Here is what happens when I follow this policy on the cygwin page:

1.) I find the FAQ link in the left column. The FAQ does not help my problem.

2.) I go back to the front page and my eyes scroll up from FAQ looking for mailing lists. Since the link for reporting problems is above mailing lists I get to the mailing list link first. This is how I missed the link on the front page.

3.) I follow the mailing list link and the page starts with
"Is there a mailing list for the project?
Yes. There are several. They are listed below."
I scroll through the mailing list page looking for the set of available lists mentioned at the top. This is how I missed the link in the middle of the 8 paragraphs of text. I see a "cygwin" list and read its policy, which has a nice set of bullet points. There is no mention of the problems page here. This is where I suggest it be added.

4.) I send a message to the list without subscribing and it works. This is how I missed the link included in the welcome message.


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