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Running cygwin service via cygrunsrv under account without password in Win XP Pro - impossible?

Hi everybody!

When I try to run autossh as a service under my account, cygrunsrv gives error message:

cygrunsrv: Error starting a service: StartService:  Win32 error 1069:
The service did not start due to a logon failure.

This happens only if my account has no password. Once I set any password - it works great. Autossh starts under cygrunsrv as a service under my account and sets all my ssh tunnels and everything works perfect. I remove password, then try every possible way to tell Windows to run it under account without password - no luck. Error 1069 again and again.

My account has administrative privileges and "logon as a service" privilege. I use Windows XP Professional. The cygwin version is the latest (installed two days ago).

cygrunsrv.README says:

-w, --passwd <password>
 Optional password for user. Only needed if a user is given. If a
user has an empty password, enter `-w ' with no <password>.
cygrunsrv -I svc_name -p /usr/bin/svc.exe -u foo -w ""

This is what I have tried, plus I tried omitting -w option at all and just pressing Enter key when asked for password by cygrunsrv interactively. I also tried setting empty password in the Services control panel, by going to the service properties and then setting my account and empty password in the LogOn tab there. All with the same result - error 1069.

Here's the cygrunsrv command lines I've tried (neither works):

cygrunsrv -I ubcgw -p /bin/autossh -t manual -a '-M 0 -L 143:imap:143 -L 25:smtp:25' -e AUTOSSH_NTSERVICE=yes -u vadym -w ""
cygrunsrv -I ubcgw -p /bin/autossh -t manual -a '-M 0 -L 143:imap:143 -L 25:smtp:25' -e AUTOSSH_NTSERVICE=yes -u vadym

Since cygrunsrv.README says there is a way of running cygrunsrv service under account without password, can anyone tell me please what's the trick?
Or is this readme only about older Windows versions and Win XP doesn't allow that trick anymore?

Thanks :-)


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