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Unicode in filenames support?

I'm having problem with accessing files that have Unicode in their

1. I use Windows XP Korean version (so the codepage must be 949?).
2. I use iTunes to listen to my music.
3. Files in iTunes Library have filenames in the following format:
   "{Artist}/{Album}/{Track#} {Title}.mp3"
    where names inside braces are values from its ID3-tag.
4. Some of my mp3s have Japanese or Latin characters,
   e.g. Ã (Latin small letter e with acute).
   In ID3-tags, those characters seem to be in UCS-2 encoding or so,
   but not in CP949 or EUC-KR.
5. I want to rsync those files to my other Linux machine.
6. But rsync complains some files (whose name contains such
   special/Unicode characters perhaps?) have vanished! :'(

With Windows Explorer, I can copy them to a Samba share (with utf-8
encoding) without any problem.  However, from the Cygwin environment, it
seems that there is no way I can access those files.

I tried the "mount -o managed" option which escapes capitals and other
non-ascii characters in filenames.  It wasn't a solution for me since
iTunes (not Cygwin) mainly manages the files.

Since I really want to use rsync, I hope Cygwin to be able to access
Unicode filenames.  It would be great if I could mount a filesystem with
a charset or encoding specified.  Is there any nice way already I can
solve this problem?

ììí | Jaeho Shin <> |
Programming Research Laboratory, Seoul National University

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