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Re: error initdb-failed

Hello Carlo,

 Yes, we look at the documentation but it did not give certain.  

The problems to install postgresql in win98 had been many, then in the project
we decide here to develop using winXP.  

I did not obtain to decide the problem with the Cygwin and win98, we cannot wait

 I am thankful for the attention, especially of the Carlo. 
 I am thankful.  

Any doubt return.  


Citando Carlo Florendo <>:

-> Juliano Francisco Angeli wrote:
-> >Hello,
-> >
-> > I am installing postgresql in the Windows 98 with cygwin. 
-> > A signal error 12 is happening (initdb-failed). 
-> > Necessary to install postgres in the Windows 98, then I am using win98,
-> cygwin
-> >and postgresql-7.4.3.  
-> >
-> >They help me?  
-> >I did not find nothing in the aid InterNet? 
-> >
-> > I am thankful for the attention.  
-> >
-> >Juliano F. Angeli
-> >  
-> >
-> Have you actually read /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/postgresql-x.x.x.README?
-> That README contains detailed information on how to setup postgresql 
-> properly.  In any case, my guess is that you do not have the proper 
-> setting for the CYGWIN environment variable.   On the default cygwin 
-> shell (bash), you could try doing this:
-> export CYGWIN=server
-> Then, try running initdb.  If that does not work still, please give more 
-> details into what you're doing or, take a look at 
-> and read the part that talks about 
-> running cygcheck.
-> HTH.
-> Thanks!
-> Best Regards,
-> Carlo
-> -- 
-> Carlo Florendo
-> Astra Philippines Inc.

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