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Re: Cygwin bail-out: cygexpat-0.dll not found

Cygwin List <> schrieb am 16.06.05 01:47:48:
> At 07:18 PM 6/15/2005, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >after about 3 years of total cygwin abstinence, I'm back. (I had started with b19 :))
> >
> >This is most likely a FAQ, but since most people got this DLL in their log files, a bug report or anything like this is very hard to find with the sparse search options given.
> >
> >Error message is "Dynamic Link Library cygexpat-0.dll not found in specified path".
> >This happens when I try to start X Window ("startx"). I know this is not the place to ask X questions, but when I did a Windows search for *expat*, I found something related to Perl or Python, so it does not seem to be an X only issue ...
> >
> >The main problem is that I cannot find out which package this DLL belongs to, so I don't know which package to reinstall. I also remember that I got an error message with setup.exe, but I don't remember anymore which package it was.
> >
> >Cygwin is virgin 1.5.17 (0.129/4/2) on Win2K SP 4.
> >Please give me a hint where to search for the bug / problem.
> Welcome back! 

Thanks! Yes, I clearly remember your name from days of yore :-)

>The first thing to do is re-familiarize yourself with the 
> Cygwin Web page and it's resources.  

Yeah, this is like living on the moon for 3 years and returning back to earth :-)

> For this type of problem, you'll
> want to use the "Setup Package Search" page <>.

Great! This is a great utility.
This could maybe be even be integrated in a tool.

> Enter the file you're looking for and it will tell you which packages have 
> a match.  Use that information in 'setup.exe' to download and install the 
> right package.  I'll give you a hint on this one.  

> You want the "expat" package.

Yes I think so! :)
Well, after the setup error message I reinstalled the missing packages (ALTHOUGH setup claimed the installation to be "finished") and now everything is there where it is supposed to be.
Thanks for the warm WB, btw. :)

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