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Re: Cygwin bail-out: cygexpat-0.dll not found schrieb am 16.06.05 02:30:07:
> Larry Hall wrote:
> > right package.  I'll give you a hint on this one.  You want the "expat"
> > package.
> And on top of what Larry said, the "expat" package is listed as a
> requirement of all the xorg-x11-* packages, so setup.exe should have
> installed it for you.  If you could tell us the steps that you used to
> get an installation without expat, it would help us improve setup.exe. 
> Of course, if you override setup's choices there's nothing we can do
> there, but newer (test) versions of setup should at least warn you in
> those cases.
test versions?
That's where the bugger is, then! :)

Of course, I used "official" setup.exe from site, no cvs versions or anything of that kind, although it seems I should. Indeed, I was playing around with library packages (clicking them off even though I knew package 'xyz' will need the lib, and got no warnings at all).
Please point me to the test build of setup.exe if possible. And maybe even upgrade the setup.exe from site, so that people that do a virgin cygwin install will not have to use an old version of setup.

my 2c


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