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Re: Any chance to get Apache 2.0.xx working on cygwin? schrieb am 16.06.05 17:03:10:
> On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 07:50:59AM -0700, Brian Dessent wrote:
> >Andreas Eibach wrote:
> >>This is VERY bad.  You can only search for "Apache and 2 and 0 and 54",
> >>but not for apache and 2.0.54 (read 2 dot 0 dot 54 _in this order_).
> >>Quotes aren't accepted either; I think as the mailing lists archives
> >>are that important and used so much, there should at least be an exact
> >>match.  No user wants to delve through 500 or 1000 messages with 450 or
> >>950 of them irrelevant.  (Rant over.)
> >
> >The htdig on is pretty bad.  I always use google to search
> >the archives.  You can do this easily with a query of:
> Suggestions for improving ht::dig's configuration on are
> always welcome over at overseers at sourceware dot org.

Thanks for the hint.
> > inurl:cygwin inurl:ml <query words here>
> >
> >You can even use more "inurl:"s to restrict by year/month since those
> >are part of the URL.  In addition, the list is archived at many other
> >places, all of which have searches.  Three that come to mind are
> >,, and
> I'm glad that someone finally suggested this.  I think a few more
> messages along these lines would have surely kick started a mean
> response from me.

Pity it didn't come. 
I would have been able to answer accordingly, mind you. I cannot understand why you are always so short-tempered if someone reports a problem. But if you want war, you get war if need be. Consider that _you_ are the first to complain if someone has not properly searched the archives. Yet it's really a sort of evidence of incapacity if you have to use google because ht:dig is so horribly awkward. And ht:dig doesn't just exist since yesterday. If there's a search functionality provided, I'd at least expect the basic things (and version numbers with dots inside ARE basic things) to work properly.
You are not the one who programmed this ... umm ...  thing. So there's no need to give a "mean" response, as you call it. The only mean response I accept is from the programmer himself, who might probably have a go at me with a ridiculous "How dare you complain! There's more than basic functionality implemented! Mind you, it can sort by Time AND Score! Which tool except mine is able to do THAT!"
> Maybe google wasn't around in B19 days...
That was a good one. I *started* with B19, but went up to 1.1.5..1.1.8 or so. :-)

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