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Install: setup behavior on downloading only

I am trying to do a Download Without Install to place everything
I want onto a CD.

I have several questions..

1. When downloading only, what does the "Uninstall" option
   mean? Since I have not actuall installed anything, does it erase it
   from the cache directory? What does it do in this case?

2.  If you download using one mirror, and then later use another,
    does setup resolve package names and versions across multiple cache
    directories. In other words, if I have version 1.0 of a project in one
    directory, and then later use another mirror, if the project on that
    second mirror is at version 1.1, will setup see that and indicate that
    I need to upgrade?

3. I have bash-3.0-11 downloaded in my cache directory for
   I then go back to using setup. In the Full
view(or Partial
   view) in setup it shows version 2.05b-13 in the "Current" column and
   3.0-11 in the "New" column. Why does it think that version 2.05b-13
is my
   current version?  Where is it getting the current version from?


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