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Re: who is setting the NAME variable in bash?

> >Any suggestions for how I can figure out who's setting NAME?  I want
> >to make them stop.
> Look in your Windows environment.  Apparently someone set it for you there.
> If you don't want it, you can try removing it.  Windows doesn't require it
> either so whatever added it is local to your installation  So you'll need
> to determine the overall validity/usefulness of this variable yourself.

Thanks.  I forgot to mention it in my first post, but I already
checked this.  NAME isn't set in the Windows environment, either
System or User varieties.

However, your suggestion prompted me to look and see which processes
have NAME set in their environments.  (TaskInfo will show you the
environment of every running process.)  I found that Explorer.exe has
NAME set, and of course all of its descendants do too.  That seemed
odd, because NAME doesn't appear in Windows' Environment Variables
dialog.  So I did a little hunting in the registry, and found
HKCU\Volatile Environment, which includes the NAME value.

I've never encountered HKCU\Volatile Environment before.  I believe
it's created by the Novell client when I log into our LAN.  Anyway,
clearing NAME from that key and relogging in solved the problem.
Thanks for the suggestion.


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