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Re: 1.5.18: ld command generates stackdump

PS = Peter J. Stieber
PS>> I have a large simluation that I have built under cygwin for a
PS>> quite a while. Recently the ld phase of the build started
PS>> generating a stackdump (ld.exe.stackdump).
PS>> Unfortunately I cannot recreate the problem with a simple
PS>> test case. I have attached cygcheck output. I realize
PS>> I'm not providing much information, but I am not
PS>> sure what to do next.
PS>> Would the stackdump be of use?

RB = René Berber
RB> No, but the actual command line that caused the
RB> failure could be interesting, i.e. which libraries
RB> are being linked.

It's attached. I added the -t command to the g++ command so the loader
would list the files it was processing when it breaks. The name of the
object file in the last line should be SimpleInterpolationTable.o, but
it gets truncated.

RB> Any other error/waring messages before the failure?

There is a line in the output file indicating ld broke.

collect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault], core dumped

PS>> What should I do or provide to get some help?

RB> Do you use any 3rd party packages?
RB> I mean any libraries that don't come with
RB> Cygwin.

I use wxWidgets ( version 2.6.1. I build the MSW
version of the library under cygwin myself. I have been doing this for a
few years.

I use the Matrix Template Library (
This "library" consists of templates in headers, so you do not generate
a library to link with. I recently had to modify the MTL due to a
conflict with the Cygwin version of the Windows headers. A preprocessor
directive (PACKED) was added that conflicted with an enumeration in the
MTL. I renames all instances of the enumeration to ePACKED in the MTL to
avoid conflicts.

RB> Have you tried to do only the linking by hand?

Yes. I manually typed the g++ line in the attached output file. It broke
as well.

Thanks for trying to help René. Any other suggestions?


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