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boost, boost_unit_test_framework


I want to write some C++ programs that use boost and compile them using cygwin. What is the recomended way of doing this?

Usually when I use the boost libraries (on Fedora Core) I would be able to link my program using gcc by providing -lboost_date_time on the command line. With cygwin I can't do that since there is no libboost_date_time.a library insalled. However, these libraries are installed:


In my build scripts I would still like to be able to specify -lboost_date_time and not -lboost_date_time-gcc-mt-s. Is it the intention of the maintainer of the cygwin boost package that I should make a symbolic link (ln -s libboost_date_time.a libboost_date_time-gcc-mt-s.a) to the library that I want to use?

In my opinion it would be preferable to have one of the different variants of the date library installed as libboost_date_time.a. Is there any special reason why it's done like it is today?

Another question regarding the cygwin boost package is why the test libraries are missing?

I am curious. =)


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