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Re: patch cygrunsrv for running native win32 applications


I use cygrunsrv to run Mercury32 (that, in addition to be a Win32 Applicatio, is not a console application) and it works.

Is there maybe some counter-effect that I don't know?



Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Oct 12 23:23, Gunnar Thielebein wrote:


Is it also possible to patch the cygrunsrv service installer for running
native win32.exe? Means like if you run a windows command/app in bash is
executed there must be also a way to do it in cygrunsrv.
I know there are extra utilities for windows like srvany but i like the
command line interface of cygrunsrv much more and want to know how much
efforts it would take for adding this feature

cygrunsrv was specificially created to run Cygwin applications.  For
instance, it expects that the inferior application has an idea what a
POSIX signal is.  That said, it would be possible to allow native Windows
apps to run under cygrunsrv, but it doesn't really look worth the effort,
given that *useful* native Windows tools for manipulating services are
available, like the on-board tool "sc".

Otherwise, if you're still interested to change cygrunsrv:


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