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Re: patch cygrunsrv for running native win32 applications

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005, Antony Baxter wrote:

> >>Is there maybe some counter-effect that I don't know?
> >
> >Nothing serious.  Every so often it will issue a
> >pop-up dialog that says.
> >
> >"Look, behind you!  It's a fiddler crab!"
> >
> >                 [OK]
> >
> >And, then when you look behind you there will be no
> >fiddler crab.
> >
> >You still have to press the OK button, though.  That's
> >pretty annoying. Someone should fix that.  I'm sure
> >that it would be pretty simple.
> >
> >cgf
> When I tried that, there *was* a fiddler crab behind
> me. Will that be fixed in 1.5.19?

Please provide a simple, reproducible testcase.  Include details of your
system, as per <>, as well as the
information about your environment (e.g., pets -- you don't happen to have
a pet fiddler crab, do you?).  Help us help you!
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