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Re: 1.5.18: ld command generates stackdump

"Peter J. Stieber" wrote:

> Sorry in advance for the stupid questions, but...
> I downloaded the binutils source package, and extracted the source. When
> I ran
> ./configure --help
> I didn't see a --enable-debug option or anything I though was
> equivalent. Am I missing something?

Normally, auto-tooled packages like binutils have a default value for
CFLAGS that is typically "-g -O2" which means you get the debug
information.  When creating binary packages for distribution the
binaries are typically stripped later.

This is just a long-winded way of saying that if you build with the
default configure options you should get debug information, and if not
use a CFLAGS override when calling configure.

> Do I also need to build a debug version of the cygwin DLL?

It would help, since otherwise backtraces will only have raw addresses. 
Note that the cygwin configure script[*] has a --enable-debugging
switch, but this is for enabling lots of runtime consistency checks and
extra verbosity -- it is not meant for enabling debug symbols, which you
should get by default.

[*] It's not in the toplevel configure, so it won't show up if you do
--help from there.  But if you --help in the winsup/cygwin directory it
will show up, and you can still specify it at the top level where it
will be passed along.


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