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Re: Errors compiling cdrtools under cygwin 1.5.19

On Tue, 24 Jan 2006, pobox wrote:

> > This falls into the same category as my previous discussion about
> > _POSIX_SOURCE.  If a program builds without problem on linux, the goal
> > is for it to build without problem on cygwin.  It seems like the
> > unconditional addition of getline to the headers moves us a step back
> > from that goal.
> Is this also valid for Apache 1.3.34?
> I think it compiles without problem on Linux, but does not compile on
> cygwin since getline() was implemented last month.

This is a simple name clash.  Linux also defines getline (also with an
incompatible prototype).  htpasswd.c defines its own getline(), and it
should have the same problem on any system with getline().  You have to
check why it compiles (in particular, check the pre-processed form of
htpasswd.c using "gcc -E").

> I do not want to heat the discussion, but getline() in cygwin played
> very hard against me.
> I used cygwin happily for very long time to compile
> apache/php/postgresql and enjoy symlinks, and now I am cut-off from one
> day to the next. The apache folks do not seem to care. The bug I
> submitted is still without reply -

That's because the Apache community has apparently been ignoring this
issue since 2002: <>
(which, BTW, contains a patch that you can apply to fix this issue).

> Apache 2.x/php 5.x do not want to play on cygwin so far.

I seem to recall either Brian or Max reporting that they were able to
compile PHP 5.x with the Cygwin Apache2 package.  Search the cygwin-apps

> So I am three days in the dark and testing like hell vmware and minigw
> to save my skin.
> Seems this getline() breaks quite a lot and I am not quite sure this is
> _very_ positive for cygwin. People just get left alone in the dark (no
> everybody can debug and patch) and the pride of cygwin is somehow self
> focused. I would expect such dramatic moves to be done with more care.
> Otherwise I could call cygwin nice, but not reliable.

I like this slogan:  "Cygwin: nice, but not reliable".  We should adopt
this, and refer 90% of the mailing list complaints to it. :-)
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