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Re: Errors compiling cdrtools under cygwin 1.5.19

> Linux has an equivalent getline() call.  Apache (presumably, I haven't
> checked) builds on Linux.  Thus, either Cygwin's getline declaration is
> somehow different from Linux's (in which case it should be fixed in
> Cygwin), or Apache is doing something different in Cygwin than in Linux
> (in which case it should be fixed in Apache).  But someone has got to find
> out where the fix should go, and the resources of Cygwin developers are
> stretched pretty thin as it is.  That someone will have to be the person
> for whom building Apache is critical (e.g., you), or a person that
> volunteers his time (in which case, you'd have to wait for them to find
> enough time to work on this).

The difference has already been identified - Linux protects getline
with _GNU_SOURCE, but cygwin declared it without any protection.
An application that specifically sets _POSIX_SOURCE or some other
filter macro, asking for a standards-compliant clean namespace,
will work in Linux (where getline is no longer available) but fail
in cygwin 1.5.19 (since cygwin is blindly leaking getline into the
namespace).  The problem is now that someone who cares enough
about this, and has enough time, needs to submit a patch to
cygwin to fix the headers to properly guard the declaration of
getline.  It will probably be fixed by cygwin 1.5.20, if you can
just be patient.

> > The problem is that if Apache have not fixed their 'getline' since 2002,
> > it is very likely that they will not fix it soon, if at all.
> Certainly not if nobody advocates fixing this.  Make some noise -- you
> never know, it might have just fallen through the cracks.

Also, remind the apache project that the austin group is considering
standardizing the GNU version of getline in API set 1 of the next release
of POSIX, which would have the potential to conflict with their non-GNU
use of the same function name if they don't fix their code to
first check which declaration of getline exists in the system headers.

Eric Blake

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