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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] GNU CLISP 2.38 (2006-01-24) released

> * Dr. Volker Zell <Qe.Ibyxre.Mryy@benpyr.pbz> [2006-01-25 11:12:55 +0100]:
>>>>>> Sam Steingold writes:
>     > ANSI Common Lisp is a high-level, general-purpose programming language.
>     > GNU CLISP is a Common Lisp implementation by Bruno Haible of Karlsruhe
>  o Packaging bug: /usr/share/doc/clisp-2.38/Cygwin should be
>                   /usr/share/doc/Cygwin

what do you mean?
there are many files in /usr/share/doc/clisp-2.38 and only one in

> o In your clisp-2.38.README you have the following configure option
>    --with-libpq-prefix=c:/progra~1/postgresql/8.0 
>   which looks suspicious.

there is no --with-module=postgresql, so this won't hurt.

> o There is NO requires line in setup.ini at least at the following
>   download side:
>   whereas the clisp executables depend on various dlls.

setup.hint contains this:
requires:crypt cygwin libdb4.3 libiconv2 libintl3 libncurses8 libpcre0 libreadline6 zlib

PS. clisp cygwin package maintenance involves these steps:

1. download CLISP sources from

2. build CLISP package:
$ tar xfj clisp-<ver>.tar.bz2
$ cd clisp-<ver>
$ ./configure --with-module=rawsock --with-module=pcre --with-module=zlib \
     --build build-cygwin
$ cd build-cygwin
$ make cygwin-src distrib TAR_SRC=../../clisp-<ver>.tar.bz2

3. upload

this is it - cygwin.README, setup.hint &c are auto-generated.

Since I am changing jobs and will no longer have access to woe32
machines and thus cygwin, I will not be able to offer clisp cygwin
packages on a timely basis.  Would you like to step in?

Sam Steingold ( running w2k
MS: Brain off-line, please wait.

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