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Re: rxvt and line-drawing characters

Brian Dessent wrote:
Andrew DeFaria wrote:
I like using rxvt as my terminal. Recently I discovered pstree (don't know how I missed it before). pstree doesn't appear to be in Cygwin but it does appear to be on Linux. I often use rxvt in conjunction with
It's been included in the psmisc cygwin package for some time.
Ah, thanks. I hadn't been installing that...

to log into Linux machines. Now pstree supports a -G to use line drawing characters. This works under xterm but not under rxvt. How does one use line-drawing characters in rxvt?
You need a font that has the DOS/OEM characters instead of the standard codepage 1252 / ISO 8858-1 character set. If you search around there is a patched version of lucida console (called "lucida consoleP" or that has this. You also need to set TERM (-tn) to rxvt-cygwin-native I think.
I searched fro and found some references -but all sites that appear to have the file seem to have went belly up. Anybody got a copy of this font?

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