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RE: OpenSSH for Non Administrators (Attn: OpenSSH maintainer)

Please don't hijack an unrelated thread for your questions.  If you want
to ask a question, post a new message instead of replying to one.

Also, <>, and please don't make

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, Siegfried Heintze wrote (with irrelevant quote

> I looked in as reference by
> c:/cygwin/usr/share/doc/openssh/README and I'm having trouble finding the
> document that explains how to set ssh up as a service on a windows server.

Because you're looking at the generic OpenSSH README, whereas you should
be looking at the platform-specific (Cygwin) one.  "cygcheck -l openssh |
grep README" shows that there is one in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin -- that's
the one you ought to have used.

> Can someone please point me to the correct document?

-> /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README .

> c:/cygwin/usr/share/doc/openssh/README said to refer to the INSTALL
> document but I see no such in c:/cygwin/usr/share/doc/openssh. Is my
> installation incomplete?

This is arguably a packaging bug.  Corinna, care to patch the official
README to point to the Cygwin-specific one (or simply add an INSTALL file
that points to it?).

> There seems to be a lot of information in "man sshd" and "info sshd" but I
> could not find where it explains to start it up as a service.

That's because the documentation is for stock OpenSSH, and has no
Cygwin-specific parts.

> No wait: it says it is normally started in /etc/rc but my cygwin
> installation has no such directory. Don't I have to do something with
> cygrunsrv or some such utility?

Yes, but not by hand.

> Where is the documentation on ssh-host-config that Damian is using
> below? I tried man and info with no luck.

Did you try running it? :-)  Seriously, with a --help option?

> Can cygwin ssh be used with the -X option to open an X session on a
> windows server?

Yes.  X forwarding works just fine.

> Can cygwin ssh be used with VNC to open a VNC session on a remote
> server? I have successfully open a session using plain "RealVNC" server
> on the windows server (from red hat 8) and would like to do it securely
> with ssh.

Yes.  I use a shortcut to the following batch file with RealVNC:

@echo off
cd C:\Program Files\RealVNC
vncviewer.exe | c:\cygwin\bin\ssh -L 5900: %1 cat

and select "localhost:0" as the VNC server.  The pipe (and the "cat"
command) are needed to make sure that ssh waits for vncviewer to exit.
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