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RE: 'Missing isnand' still not fixed in 2006-03-01 snapshot

On 02 March 2006 14:21, Jerry D. Hedden wrote:

>> You don't show us the link command you're using.  Maybe there's
>> something not quite correct?
> I reinstalled cygwin-inst-20060301.tar.bz2 (dll, exes, libs, headers,
> etc)
> from the 2006-03-01 (23:10 GMT) snapshot, and tried once more:

> Reverting to the cygwin-inst-20060224.tar.bz2 (dll, exes, libs, headers,
> etc)
> snapshot, building Perl successed.  The corresponding section of the
> build
> output reads:

> I checked the commands and they read the same.  (The 3rd line shows that
> the 'make miniperl' command succeeded and the make continued.)
> The only variable in the above is the Cygwin snapshots.

  I think it's time you posted your cygcheck attachment
(, and tell us /exactly/ what procedure you
used to install the tarball, with the real command-lines cut'n'pasted from
your bash history and everything.  I think your install has got borked somehow
and it seems like the headers and libs don't match up with the dll.  Are you
running any cygwin services?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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