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Re: windows processes in CygWin

On Wed, 8 Mar 2006, Brett Serkez wrote:

> Emiel,
> Please reply to the list and format so all can benefit/follow along.  I
> slightly rearranged so this makes sense on the list.
> > > The subject calls out services, the body talks about processes.
> > > Which is it?
> > >
> > > > I want to monitor all the processes that are running on Windows
> > > > 2003 and CygWin with a script (cobol).
> > >
> > i want to monitor the processes both in CygWin and Windoss on cpu
> > usage. we use cobol  to extract the processes running under CygWin.
> > i'am looking for a way to monitor the Windows processes in CygWin.
> Ok, so my understanding is you want to run a utility to output process
> information to a file and then write a COBOL program to read in this
> file and analize it, looking for CPU information.  Perhaps you want to
> pipe the information directly from the utility into the COBOL program.
> Either way you need a consistent format for analysis.
> Your use of the word monitor implies wrapping in a script so this
> processing reoccurs at regular intervals.
> >From the point-of-view of Windows, Cygwin processes are Windows
> processes so using a Windows/DOS utility will view all processes.
> Corinna's suggestion to use pslist from is your
> utility to output process information.  You can run DOS programs from
> Cygwin, so you can redirect the output to a file or a pipe, then run
> your COBOL program to do what it wants.  All can be wrapped in a script
> using the language of your choice such as Perl, Bash, Sh,...

FYI, Cygwin's "ps" also supports a "-W" option that lists all Windows
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