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Re: partition size incorrectly reported

On Mar  8 13:55, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mar  8 12:07, Roger Fishwick wrote:
> > $ df -h
> > Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> > f:\cygwin\bin         500M  -64Z     0 100% /usr/bin
> > f:\cygwin\lib         500M  -64Z     0 100% /usr/lib
> > f:\cygwin             500M  -64Z     0 100% /
> > c:                    4.1G  3.3G  756M  82% /cygdrive/c
> > d:                    579M  579M     0 100% /cygdrive/d
> > e:                    500M  -64Z  463M 101% /cygdrive/e
> > f:                    500M  -64Z     0 100% /cygdrive/f
> > h:                     68G   41G   28G  60% /cygdrive/h
> > j:                    4.0G  3.9G  125M  97% /cygdrive/j
> > l:                    102G   57G   46G  56% /cygdrive/l
> > o:                     68G   68G  331M 100% /cygdrive/o
> > q:                     56G   11G   46G  19% /cygdrive/q
> > z:                    1.4T  105G  1.3T   8% /cygdrive/z
> Looks like you have quotas activated on drive f:
> Cygwin can nothing do about that.  Maybe df can by taking quotas into
> account.  Eric?

Ok, after some mulling over MSDN and other dubious sources of
information, I think I found a way to overcome the problem of active
enforcing quotas.  There's a new DeviceIoControl call which has been
added since Win2K.  It allows to get the size information of a volume
without getting the information filtered through the quota mechanism.
So, with the patch I just applied to Cygwin, you should always get the
real size of a volume, not the crippled size which is a result of your

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