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Re: Moving Home dir to another partition

Igor Peshansky wrote:
On Wed, 8 Mar 2006, René Berber wrote:

Mool wrote:

1) Cygwin Installed on C:\Cygwin (C: partition win winXP SP2)
2) First run created /home/$USER in C:\Cygwin

how to MOVE my home dir in another partition D:, so I'll use
cp -rp /cygdrive/c/Cygwin/home/$USER /cygdrive/d/Cygwin/home

Unless cp has changed in multiple ways, a better idiom would be

tar -C /home -cf - $USER | tar -C /cygdrive/d/Cygwin/home -xf -

which will preserve symbolic links, etc.  In both cases, any extra ACLs on
the files will be lost.  Also, depending on the text vs. binary mode
settings of /cygdrive and /, there might be issues with that as well.

It may be better to *move* (not copy) the directory using Windows,

Edit /etc/passwd changing $USER's line with the new home (i.e. from
/home/$USER to /cygdrive/d/Cygwin/home/$USER)

No reason. Just "mount -fs D:/cygwin/home/$USER /home/$USER", and you won't have to change anything.

Tried 'mount', worked fine.

- I haven't needed -f (force) option.
- The copy was done via Win for easiness, just 2 clicks (cut & paste)

_test it_, if it works then you can delete the old home directory.

All this is assuming you haven't changed the cygdrive prefix.  And if
you do change it in the future the new $HOME will not work, you'll have
to edit passwd again.

HTH, Igor

Simple and effective. Thank you all!

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