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Re: Problems after upgrading to 1.5.19-4

From: "Timothy King"
Last night, I grabbed an additional package using setup.exe. It also downloaded and installed the latest cygwin1.dll (1.5.19-4) and core utilities. I had not updated since early January. While it was running the post-install script, I received serveral errors along the lines of "... could not be found in cygwin1.dll". I rebooted, and now when I run the bash shell, it drops me in /usr/bin and I have no Cygwin directories in my path (/bin, /usr/bin). Also, my term colors are now messed up.

I did a diff on the /etc and /home directories which I had backed up, but there were no differences in the config files. I also did not find any other cygwin1.dll's on my system. It is interesting to note I have the cygwin sshd running on that machine, and when I ssh into it I have no problems with paths or term colors.

This is running on Windows XP Pro. I know my way around Unix but I know little about how the Cygwin shell runs on windows. I tried adding the Cygwin paths in my .bashrc, but now it barfs on the spaces in the Windows directory names.

Any help would be appreciated.


I had this problem a couple of months ago. My problem was caused by the setup.exe being very helpful and (at least for me) defaulting to always installing the latest version of anything you already had installed. And if you don't look at the right page, you don't know this is happening.

So normally I don't exit out of all my cygwin stuff when I am just installing a simple package (like octave). But for that one moment, setup.exe decided that the cygwin dll, et al had to be touched.

If you attempt to updated cygwin when cygwin (bash) is running, the cygwin.dll is locked. So you can get updates to programs like rm that need that new cygwin.dll so everytime you run rm, you get this "missing blah ..could nto be found in cygwin1.dll".

But you are hooped because setup.exe assumes that everything works (like rm) so if you try to reinstall with setup.exe, you are stuck.

My fix was to exit out of all cygwin programs and in cmd, go looking for the cygwin1.dll (assuming c: drive)

dir c:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll*

you should find a cygwin1.dll and a - move the cygwin1.dll to cygwin1.dll.old and to cygwin1.dll. If you see any other .new files, you might want to do the same.

Then I reinstalled using setup.exe all the cygwin tools again (core, etc) so that everything could run to completion successfully.

If you don't find the file, then my problem was not your problem (MPNYP).


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