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Re: Starting gvim from Windows

On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 07:20:49AM -0700, Jerry D. Hedden wrote:
Neil Watson asked:
I have X running.  How can I start Cygwin's build of Gvim from Windows,
without doing from an xterm?  I tried issuing gvim from a cmd window but
I receive an error "cygice-6.dll was not found".

I don't use X. I just use RXVT windows on top of the Windows Desktop. I don't use Cygwin's version of Gvim. I use the Windows version. To
use Gvim from Cygwin, I have a small script (attached) that converts
Cygwin paths to Windows paths and then launches Gvim. With this setup,
I can use a single version of Gvim from both Windows and Cygwin.

I've tried this in the past. The problem I found was that Windows VIM required a different vimrc syntax then the Unix VIM. I was hoping to avoid keeping two copies of my growing and changing vimrc file.

Neil Watson               | Gentoo Linux
Network Administrator     | Uptime 5 days   | AMD Athlon(tm) MP 2000+ x 2

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