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Re: Problems after upgrading to 1.5.19-4

From: "Dave Korn"
On 09 March 2006 19:37, Larrie Carr wrote:

Sure I RTFM'ed and yes it says that. But I would argue that Keep does not
exactly work the way that you say it does. So not using Keep does not
indicate RTFM status.

Well, since keep ABSOLUTELY DOES work EXACTLY how I described it, you really
need not only to RTFM, but also to ACTUALLY TRY this stuff out before you

Believe me, before I wrote that email, I both went to the website, RTFM and did a test run on setup with Keep to make sure that I wasn't going down the wrong path.

If you select a new uninstalled package within the category page before
hitting Keep, then hitting Keep will deselect the newly selected package.

Yes. That's what "Keep" means. It "Keep"s things as they are. If "the way
that they are" is "uninstalled", then "Keep"ing it the same way it is means
not installing it. That's why I told you to hit "Keep" first and THEN select
the package.

website I read

Where exactly on the website that it says "keep things as they are". The manual listed above does not mention anything about the Keep radio button.

"Once you have an existing Cygwin installation, the setup.exe chooser is also used to manage your Cygwin installation. Information on installed packages is kept in the /etc/setup/ directory of your Cygwin installation; if setup.exe cannot find this directory it will act just like you had no Cygwin installation. If setup.exe finds a newer version of an installed package available, it will automatically mark it to be upgraded. To Uninstall, Reinstall, or get the Source for an existing package, click on Keep to toggle it. Also, to avoid the need to reboot after upgrading, make sure to close all Cygwin windows and stop all Cygwin processes before setup.exe begins to install the upgraded package"

The only radio buttons talked about are the "Prev" and "Exp" radio buttons. But by this description, it only says the radio buttons affects which version the chooser shows - not selecting a bunch of packages to update.
"The final feature of the setup.exe chooser is for Previous and Experimental packages. By default the chooser shows only the current version of each package, though mirrors have at least one previous version and occasionally there is a testing or beta version of a package available. To see these package, click on the Prev or Exp radio button. Be warned, however, that the next time you run setup.exe it will try to replace old or experimental versions with the current stable version. "

The only place I can find after much googling, reading, playing with setup is that the radio button has floating text that appears if you hold your mouse over long enough that says "It selects all packages to its currently installed version. This is equivalent to telling setup not make any changes to any package." So yes, if I RFRB I would have agree that it works as you describe it should.

But after much playing with setup with Prev or Exp, I would say the manual is incorrct on how the Prev and Exp radio buttons work which goes to my point about Keep. It does more than "to see these package" as it goes right to selecting everything that has

Do you really believe that doing things backwards in time should make no
difference to how they turn out? If I told you to boil the kettle, then pour
the water into the teapot, would you write back saying "Well, what you said
doesn't work because if I pour the water into the teapot first and then boil
the kettle I get a lousy cold cup of tea"? Well, that's what you've just
done. I can't help people who are unaware that time is directional.

It probably something about going from Cur version of the package (which was
just selected) to the Keep version (which isn't "install" - so what you just
selected to install just got deselected).

If that's how you want it to work. Fine. But don't jump around about RTFM. This is the end of my thread.


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