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Re: bug coreutils-5.94-1 : ls does not show correct background colors for directories

On Fri, 10 Mar 2006, Eric Blake wrote:

> > Given
> > 	LS_COLORS='di=01;34'
> > 	TERM=cygwin
> >
> > Problem is
> >
> > 	mkdir tmp
> > 	ls --color=yes
> >
> > will display a weird green background for the directories.
> Not a bug.  And reading the list archives first would have shown that
> just yesterday, this VERY SAME QUESTION was raised:
> (Hint - world-writable directories no longer fit in the category
> of "di", but use "ow" or "tw" instead; dircolors added new
> categories to make setting LS_COLORS easier.)

With the number of complaints on the list, I wonder if it would make sense
to roll out a Cygwin-specific patch that sets the default colors for "ow"
and "tw" to the default color for "di"...  Just a thought.
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