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Re: cron + ssmtp - Please help this newbie resolve this

Suresh Kumar wrote:
Background: =========
I am a complete newbie in linux but have been using
bash for some scripting.
Functionality trying to achieve
I am trying to run a cron scheduler to run a job and
to automatically email me!
The cron job executes perfectly but the email
functionality does'nt work.
Here is my config
usr/sbin/sendmail is a symbolic link to
1. dead.letter found in home/owner
2. /var/log/cron.log has sendmail: 530 authentication
Can somebody help me to fix this problem. I am
assuming symbolic link to ssmtp for sendmail is fine!
Help please

Many repeated email messages to the list on the same subject (or even with exactly the same content like yours!) is not likely to elicit help. Usually, it tends to make people less likely to respond.

I'll point you to the email archives for this issue. Generally speaking,
the results you're seeing means you haven't configured things properly.
There's plenty of discussion of cron/mail issues in the archives so it
would be best to check there and see if some of the advice offered
already is helpful.  As a starting point, I'd suggest that you make
sure that you can send email via sstmp from the command line.  Without
this ability, it won't work any better through cron.

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