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Re: cygrunsrv.exe Processor Util 100% on Windows Server

> Hi- we have been using openssh on cygwin on win2k server for quite some time,
> with hundreds of user sessions (we use almost exclusively for file transfer
> [sftp]). Recently, on occasion, we notice in Task Manager that cygrunsrv.exe
> processor utilization is at 100%. During this time, csrss.exe also runs at
> about 25%. And, this process cannot be stopped from Task Manager, though
> restarting openssh will stop cygrunsrv.exe and restore csrss.exe to normal
> utilization (so, it appears that when cygrunsrv is running 100%, it's
> definitely keeping csrss busy with something). I have seen a similar posting
> regarding someone having this trouble while playing a game or using a
> sysinternals tool, but, we are doing neither.
> The overload is not related to usage (either upload or download), it doesn't
> happen even when we have multiple concurrent sessions running.
> We are not running many applications on the Win2K server.

I have previously posted on this topic, having the same issue.  I
found there was a setting in sshd that inhibited an extra fork (for
extra security) and also switching from bash to tcsh resolved the
issue.  I can search for this previous posting if you cannot locate

Interestingly I have found that this *seems* to only happen on Win2K,
but I only have this setup on a limited number of WinXP systems
(without the above workarounds).


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