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Re: How to get Cygwin application sources

Jurgen Defurne wrote:

> How can I get the Cygwin application sources on my local system ?
> I found the description how to get the Cygwin library sources, and I
> found the package listing, but if I go in a *-src* directory, I only get
> a text file listing, not a directory which I could download using wget.

Every binary package that you can install with setup.exe has a
corresponding source package.  Run setup and click on the desired
package to cycle its selection to "Source" (or click once in the "Src"
box.)   The package's source will be automatically downloaded and
unpacked into /usr/src.

If you want to download the source package manually you can do that. 
They are just compressed tarballs like any other package.  They are in
the same directories on the mirrors as the binary packages.

It seems like you are getting confused by the package listing pages on  Those only list the filenames and contents of packages. 
You cannot download any actual packages (binary or source) from in order to prevent bandwidth exhaustion.  This is the
purpose of the mirror system, so just browse the directory tree on your
favorite mirror URL if you want to see the actual files.


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