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Problems with the snapshot 20060314 and also with snap. 20060315

Recently I have posted this:

without meaning answers.

Now with the snap. 20060315 the problems are the same.

I want to stress that the problem is not the dos window, but the fact that
with the snapshots 20060314 and 20060315 the procedure :

  . PC on
  . click on Cygwin.bat (that which came with Cygwin)
  $ startxwin.bat &

DOES NOT works any more, i.e. 'ps' shows that only XWin.exe is running and
xterm.exe does not start (see previous posts).

I want to stress that 'startxwin.bat' is the file that is installed with
X-statup-script package.

I want to stress that in Cygwin there are other packages that start the X
server using 'startxwin.bat': singular-icons e.g.

At this point I suspect that when 1.5.20 will be released the
X-startup-script package will be (partially) incompatible, so I ask:

  with the recent snapshots How can one use startxwin.bat to launch XWin?

(It would be desirable to have a link on the desktop to start XWin when
one installs xorg package so as the installation of Cygwin base installs
the link to Cygwin.bat).

The last useful snapshots is 20060313.



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