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RE: Problems mounting root filesystem off of NFS

> I'm trying to get Linux running on a PPC board to mount an NFS root
> filesystem off of a Windows XP machine -- in this case the 
> NFS filesystem is exported by the NFS server in Cygwin.  While it
> mounts OK, Linux fails to come up due to various errors, e.g.

1) Did you install the server using the nfs-server-config script?
2) Can you post your /etc/exports and and static map files you're using?

If you're able to mount the RFS, the only thing I could think to
suggest would be to look at your /etc/exports and make sure that
you're using a proper map file for your NFS export.  Try "man exports"
and look for the map_static section.  That may help you clear up
your permissions issues.

You might want to try and mount the exported RFS from a desktop linux
system; this will give you some idea of what permissions are being
translated incorrectly, and how you can go about correcting your
static map files to deal with them.

> Has anybody successfully booted Linux off of a cygwin NFS 
> exported root filesystem?

Sure!  Just not using Wind River's stuff :-)


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