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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Test release available: subversion-1.3.0-1

A test release of Subversion is now available: 1.3.0-1.

This version is marked as a test release, because it is compiled against
Apache 2.2.x, which is also a test release at the moment.

IMPORTANT COMPATIBILITY NOTE for the subversion-apache2 package:
Cygwin packages of Subversion 1.2.x are compiled against Apache 2.0.x.
Cygwin packages of Subversion 1.3.x are compiled against Apache 2.2.x.
Apache modules will ONLY work with the same release series of Apache
they are compiled against.

Subversion 1.3.0 is a new feature release of Subversion. Please see
for the upstream release notes.

(Note: you may ignore the section "Unexpected Berkeley DB Upgrades". I
have deliberately continued to use BDB 4.2 for this release, rather than
move to BDB 4.3 when Subversion support for BDB 4.4 is due to be
available soon.)

Note: The Subversion project no longer ships the Subversion Book within
the Subversion distribution. Therefore, the subversion-book Cygwin
package is now obsolete. The Subversion Book may be obtained from its
own website at

Additionally, in Cygwin-local news:

* There is a new subversion-ruby package providing the Subversion Ruby
  bindings, due to user request.  These are somewhat experimental, as
  I have very little Ruby knowledge, so am unable to effectively test

In absence of any reported problems, I anticipate promoting
apache2-2.2.0-1 and subversion-1.3.0-1 from 'testing' to 'current'
status within a few days.

Max Bowsher.


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