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Re: Starting gvim from Windows


* On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 09:38:19AM -0500, Neil Watson <> wrote:
> >I don't use X.  I just use RXVT windows on top of the Windows
> >Desktop.  I don't use Cygwin's version of Gvim.  I use the Windows
> >version.  To use Gvim from Cygwin, I have a small script (attached)
> >that converts Cygwin paths to Windows paths and then launches Gvim.

(In case you wish to not convert arguments that are not paths, check at that I'm maintaining, see my signature)

> >With this setup, I can use a single version of Gvim from both Windows
> >and Cygwin.
> I've tried this in the past.  The problem I found was that Windows VIM
> required a different vimrc syntax then the Unix VIM.  I was hoping to
> avoid keeping two copies of my growing and changing vimrc file.

I have only one .vimrc that is use for windows, Linux and Solaris.
- under windows I have a _vimrc files that sources vimrc_core.vim plus
  a _vimrc_win for windows specific settings (fonts, mappings to open
  URL in the default browser, ...)
- under *nix, I have a .vimrc that also sources vimrc_core.vim plus a
  _vimrc_nix for *nix specific settings (key rebindings (that will be
  updated soon thanks to feddback from vim-ml), ...)

I've never used cygwin-version of vim, but it should not be any

Luc Hermitte

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