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Re: backspace key in gvim

Arend-Jan Westhoff <> writes:

> At 23:42 2006-03-18 +0800, Steven Woody wrote:
>>i've installed gvim on cygwin, but the backspace does not work properly. the
>>problem is, in insert mode, the backspace key can not delete any character
>>which are typed before current insert mode ( it can only delete chars
> typed in
>>this insert session ).
>>is there any clue? thanks.
>>steven woody (id: narke)
> <snip>
> As far as I know vi has always worked like that.
> Just as when you set Auto Indent mode with:
> 	:set ai
> you cannot move to before the initial indentation point with backspace,
> but have to use Ctrl-d instead.
> Taking your message at face value one might think you would be happier with 
> using gvim in easy mode:
> 	gvim -y
> However I think using that mode subtracts much more from the
> strong points of vi than it does from its weak points.
> There is also the question of whether this question is on topic for this list.
thanks for you answer and suggestion, but i don't think i am off topic.  the
problem i described only happen on Cygwin+Win32. i might not descript it so
clear, let me do it again:

Case A
1, open gvim.
2, press 'i'
3, type in 'hello,'
4, press ESC ( back to command mode )
5, press 'a'
6, type in 'world'
7, press BACKSPC 5 times, now the 'world' was deleted
8, press BACKSPC again, however, this time nothing happen, the ',' and
   previous 'hello' can not be deleted as expected.

steven woody (id: narke)

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