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Re: newbie:Missing .bashrc and other startups

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According to BeemerBiker on 3/20/2006 8:14 AM:
> I installed cygwin but did not select enough tools.  Took about 4 installs 
> before I thought I got all the stuff I needed, x11, etc, etc.  However, there 
> is no .bashrc nor .bash_profile.  cd /home/xxx does nothing except report home 
> does not exist.  echo $HOME does work.  Is there a fix for this?  What did I 
> fail to setup?   I looked at a friends system and his home directory has all 
> the bash stuff that I am missing.  Shall i uninstall and then select everything 
> and re-install?  I googled but didnt see this problem.

Without the information requested here:
> Problem reports:

(including cygcheck -svr output as a text attachment), we can only guess.
 However, it seems like your installation failed to run the base-files
postinstall script properly, otherwise starting a login shell would have
run cygwin's /etc/profile that creates a user environment each time a
previously unknown user starts up.  If this is the case, rerunning
setup.exe and selecting base-files for reinstallation may fix your situation.

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