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Re[2]: 1.5.19-4 g++ error: can't find entry point in cygwin1.dll

Hello Eric,

>>   cc1plus.exe - Entry Point not found
>>   The procedure entry point _impure_ptr could not be located in the
>>   dynamic link library cygwin1.dll.
>>   But, with the old versions (1.5.16) I don't have such problem.

> (including the output of 'cygcheck -svr' as a text attachment), we can
> only guess.  But it would appear that you did not fully install the new
> cygwin, or that an older cygwin1.dll is floating around somewhere in your
> system; and that during the upgrade you picked up the newer g++ that
> depends on the newer cygwin.  Be sure you only have one copy of
> cygwin1.dll on your machine, and that all cygwin processes are stopped,
> before reusing setup.exe to reinstall the cygwin package for the correct
> cygwin1.dll.

Thank you very much for quick answer.
I had a problem which you have described in your answer - several versions
of cygwin1.dll on my computer: one in c:\windows\ and the other in c:\cygwin\bin\.
Of course I have read about such problem on, but I
thought that my problem is not in this, and I did not check it. I mistakenned :).
It appears I installed some program which used the library cygwin1.dll
and it was recorded in directory c:\windows\. Of course it has older
version than 1.5.19-4.

Best regards,

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