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RE: 4355 pipe handlers open at once - is this to be 'expect'ed?

On 21 March 2006 19:15, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:
>>   I thought the value for hProcess looked a little suspiciously high, but
>> on digging through it with Process Explorer (which appears to be playing
>> nicely with cygwin programs these days) discovered that it was a real
>> process handle value, because expect.exe had over four thousand anonymous
>> pipes open: 
> I noticed this a few months ago.  At the end of running the full gcc
> testsuite there were over 60,000 handles in the expect.exe process, the
> vast majority of which were these anonymous pipes that you show below.
> I tried to reproduce it with a looping dummy "hello world" test harness
> but couldn't.  I think it's something particular in the (quite
> customized) gcc 'expect' harness.
> Brian

  Hmm, I reckon the most likely thing is that expect for some reason isn't
actually fully draining the pipe, or maybe just not closing the fd....  I'll
probably have to build it from source and take a look.  Thanks for confirming
it's not just something freaky at my end.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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