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Re: The Beauty of Cygstart

Igor Peshansky <> wrote in"> 

> On Fri, 24 Mar 2006, zzapper wrote:
>> zzapper <david@XXXX.XX.XX> wrote in
>> Xns979065E51F443zzappergmailcom@">news:Xns979065E51F443zzappergmailcom@ 
> Even it if's your own, <>.
>> Whoops forget the vital & (launch in own process)
>> function cs() {cygstart *$1* &}
>> function csn() {cygstart "$(/bin/ls -t *.* | head -1)" &}
>> function csl() { cygstart.exe *$(history -1 | sed "s/.* //g")* & }
> The "&" isn't needed for cygstart, as it simply tells the shell to
> execute the proper association and exits.  The only point at which
> backgrounding would help is the short time it takes for the shell to
> figure out what the association is (nearly instantaneous on my
> machine). 

Its funny how easy it is to "panic" when posting to a newsgroup, i've 
never NEEDED the & myself, but some reason when I did a quick test the 
application hung and I jumped to wrong conclusion!

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